Bangkok Thai             


 1. Bangkok Thai Spring Rolls (4)             $6.95              

                                        Thai style egg rolls fried to perfection. Rolls are filled with chicken, cabbage, carrots,
                                        mushrooms and crystal noodles. Served with our homemade plum sauce.

 2.Bangkok Fresh Rolls (3)                        $7.25

                                 Shrimp, BBQ pork, lettuce, carrots, cilantro and rice noodles wrapped in rice paper. Served at
                                     room temperature with our homemade plum sauce. Tofu option also available.

 3. Chicken or Pork Satay (4)                  $6.95

                                       Skewers of your choice of chicken or pork marinated in Thai barbecue sauce. Served with
                                       peanut sauce and pickled cucumber and red onions. Shrimp Satay (2) also available.    

 4. Cha Gior                                             $7.25

                                       Our take on the Vietnamese egg roll. Combination of pork, carrots, mushrooms and crystal
                                       noodles wrapped in rice paper then deep fried to a golden brown. Served with cucumber,
                                       lettuce and our homemade plum sauce.

 5. Spicy Chicken Wings (6)                    $7.25           

                                        Chicken wings battered, deep fried, and finished with our delicious sweet and spicy pineapple

 6. Veggie Spring Rolls (4)                       $6.95

                                     Thai style vegetarian egg rolls fried to perfection then served with our homemade plum sauce.

 7. Cream Cheese Wontons (6)               $6.50


  8. Fried Tofu (8)                                    $6.00

 Shrimp Satay (2)                                  $6.95