Bangkok Thai             


                                                      Served with Steamed Rice

 31. Cooked String Beans

                                                                    Chicken // Beef // Pork   $10.50           Combo // Shrimp   $12.50

                                             Fresh green beans either crispy or soft stir fried with ground pork, green onions and garlic.

                           32. Pra ram Longson   

                                                                  Chicken // Beef // Pork   $10.50           Combo // Shrimp   $12.50

                                           Your choice of steamed protein served over steamed broccoli, spinach and finished with our
                                           house peanut sauce and grilled onions.

                            33. Prad Prig Kapow 

                                                               Chicken // Beef // Pork   $10.50           Combo // Shrimp   $12.50 

                                             Stir fried basil leaves, green onions, mushrooms, and green & red bell peppers.

 34. Prad Prig King  

                                                            Chicken // Beef // Pork   $10.50           Combo // Shrimp   $12.50               

                                            Stir fried fresh ginger, snow peas, green beans, green & yellow onions, carrots, baby corn
                                            and green & red bell peppers in a Thai red curry sauce.

 35. Cashew Nuts  

                                                         Chicken // Beef // Pork   $10.50           Combo // Shrimp   $12.50

                                          Stir fried cashews, onions, celery, baby corn, water chestnut, snow peas, and green & red bell


 36. Spicy Squid                                                                 $11.95

                                            Stir fried squid, onions, carrots, celery, bamboo, basil and bell peppers.

 37. Bangkok Seafood Special                                         $14.95

                                            A combination of shrimp, squid, crab legs, mussels, green & red bell peppers, mushrooms,
                                            onions, basil, lemon grass and kaffir leaves simmered in a coconut red curry.

 38. Garlic

                                                   Chicken // Beef // Pork   $10.50           Combo // Shrimp   $12.50   

                                             Stir fried yellow onions, garlic and mushrooms served over fresh chopped lettuce.

 39. Papaya Salad with Thai Beef Jerky                        $11.95

                                          Shredded green papaya, tomatoes, lime juice and Thai chili pepper mixed with a traditional
                                          Thai dressing. Served with sticky rice and Thai beef jerky.

 40. Gai Yang Five Star                                                 $11.50          

                                           Half chicken marinated in our house special sauce then slow roasted to perfection.

 41. Thai Roast Duck                                                   $12.00 

                                             Half duck glazed with our house special honey sauce then slow roasted to golden brown.

 42. Volcano                                                                 $14.95                     

                                            A combination of shrimp, squid, crab legs, mussels, celery, bamboo, onions, bell peppers and
                                            carrots stir fried in a spicy sauce.

 43. Pla Singha                                                           $15.50

                                            Deep fried whole pompano fish, mushrooms, green onions, lemon grass, galanga and kaffir
                                            leaves stir fried in a chili garlic sauce.
                           44. Sweet & Sour Pompano                                      $15.50
                                            Deep fried whole pompano fish, celery, bamboo, onions, bell peppers and carrots stir fried in
                                            our house sweet and sour sauce. 

                           Nam Tock                                                                                       $11.95  

                                     Slices of tender marinated beef grilled to your liking, served with lettuce, cucumber and our
                                     special chili dipping sauce.

                        Chicken Broccoli                                                              $10.50

                               Stir-fried chicken with broccoli, bamboo and carrots.

                         Ginger Beef                                                                       $10.50

                                Stir fried beef, fresh ginger, green onions, bamboo and mushroom.


                     Chicken Curry                                                                   $10.50              
                           Stir fried chicken, green & red bell pepper, onions, bamboo, celery and carrots in a yellow curry
                                 sauce. No Coconut milk.

                       Spicy Chicken                                                                    $10.50

                                Stir fried chicken, basil leaves, bell peppers and onions.